20 Minute Tarot/Energy Phone Reading

20 Minute Tarot/Energy Phone Reading

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Text: (702) 906-3894 (text only. I don’t answer calls without appointments) 



What I Need:

1. Smile

2. your Sun Sign

3.  just the topic (one word like work, love, life, spiritual. I don’t want personal info in advance)

4. the time frame you’d like to schedule. I’ll get back to you to arrange/schedule. Keep in mind I’m in Vegas so PST/West Coast Time Zone.

*Moon Sign helps but isn’t necessary 

*For Entertainment Purposes Only. NO REFUNDS*

I combine music with cards. I’m more of an energy reader. I cuss and joke and sing terribly but I’m here to help. I’m a Gemini Heyoka and we tend to be blunt and joke-y while we work. On my YouTube you don’t hear the music but personal readings you do. 

All readings and clients are confidential. If you just need an ear to talk to, I can do that as well.

-I can’t predict gambling. I can only sense desperation around it, which isn’t helpful

-I won’t contact a specific dead person because I believe in leaving the dead in peace unless they want to speak to me. 

-I can’t promise you will like what I say. When I channel, things just come out

-I do not do spell work but I always recommend meditation and sell blessed items

-By Phone: I do not answer my business phone unless an appointment is scheduled. Text first if that’s the chosen method.


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