45 Minute Tarot/Energy Video Call

45 Minute Tarot/Energy Video Call

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Text (702) 906-3894


*FaceTime, Skype, Zoom 


1. Specify the type (Skype/FaceTime/Zoom)

2. Topic (one word like Work, Love, Life, Family, Spiritual, etc. I don’t want personal info in advance)

3. Time frame you’d like to schedule (keep in mind I’m in Vegas so PST/West Coast time zone)

4. Sun Sign

*Moon sign is helpful but not necessary 

-I combine music with cards. I’m more of an energy reader. I cuss and joke and sing terribly but I’m here to help. I’m a Gemini Heyoka and we tend to be blunt and joke-y when we work. On my YouTube you don’t hear the music but personal readings you will

*All readings and clients are confidential. If you just need an ear to talk to, I can do that as well*

*I can’t predict gambling. I only sense desperation around it, which isn’t helpful 

*I won’t contact a specific dead person as I believe in leaving the dead in peace unless they want to speak to me

*I do not do spell work but I recommend meditation and sell blessed tools

*By Phone: I do not answer my business phone unless an appointment is scheduled. Text first if that’s the chosen method


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